In addition to our other booths, we had a doggy booth for our four-legged walkers.  Our canine participants were given dogdanas, treats, and plenty of water to keep them cool on their walk.  All of the dogs that joined us were simply adorable.  Lots of snuggles were handed out in addition to the treats!

Once again, our volunteers and walkers came together to pull off an amazing event.  Thank you to each and every one of you.  Your dedication and support means the world to us!

Our walk was full of awesome things, as always!  Our Man with the Microphone, Ben Bruner, kept the event on course.  In addition to our fabulous speakers, we had singer Jordan Ingle wow us with her beautiful voice.  We had several booths, including "Girls on the Run".  Our silent auction table was also a big hit this year.  Our generous sponsors donated some amazing prizes!

The second speaker was Dr. Susie Mendelsohn, Licensed Clinical Psychologist.  Dr. Susie has a motto of “Transform Empower Soar”.    Dr. Susie gave a wonderful speech highlighting that each individual has a uniqueness.  This uniqueness makes you who you are.  And you are BEAUTIFUL!  Dr.  Susie’s team raised the most money for the walk.  Great job, guys!

The first speaker was a NEDA Navigator, Lindsay Ensor (pictured to the left).  She is an eating disorder survivor that has been in remission for six months!  (Way to go, Lindsay!)  She shared some of her personal experiences with us.  Luckily, Lindsay found the support she needed to fight through her eating disorder.  Now she is in remission and helping others to join her.  You are an inspiration, Lindsay.

Our third walk was our biggest one to date!  No longer just the walk of Dearborn County, the 3rd Annual NEDA Walk of Greater Cincinnati was a huge success with over 150 participants!  Thank you so much to everyone that supported our cause and brought much needed awareness to eating disorders and positive body image.

September 7, 2013

The 3rd Annual NEDA Walk of Greater Cincinnati