Apps for Recovery

NEDA Toolkits

NEDA Toolkits are free resources designed to educate on eating disorders. You can also request that a CD-ROM with all three toolkits be sent to a local school or community organization near you.

NEDA's Click to Chat

Do you feel more comfortable chatting online instead of the phone?  No problem!  NEDA's click to chat is here for you!

On-Line Screening

NEDA partners with Screening for Mental Health, Inc. (SMH) to provide an online eating disorder screening tool. Found at, this website provides people with the option to take a free, anonymous self-assessment to gauge their risk of an eating disorder. The anonymous SMH online screening takes only a few minutes and consists of a series of questions, developed by treatment professionals in the eating disorders field, which are designed to indicate whether clinical help is needed. 

National Eating Disorder Association

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For knowledgeable, informal support and guidance - contact your local NEDA Navigator, Paula: or email and include your city, state and any specific aspects of the issue you are dealing with to help NEDA determine the best match with a NEDA Navigator.