Healthy Bodies, Teaching Kids What They Need To Know   by Kathy Kater, LICSW

Healthy Bodies classroom presentations are based on this evidence based curriculum. 

Your students will learn to appreciate inner strengths rather than appearance, gain historical perspective on today’s body image attitudes, understand weight gain during puberty, become aware of the dangers of dieting, develop incentives for healthy eating and an active lifestyle, and consider their choice of role models.

The Tri-State Eating Disorder Resource Team is available to provide life-saving presentations to your school, group or church that are based on current information from the National Eating Disorder Association.  Contact us to get started!

Our Programs

We are available to deliver NEDA presentations, which are interactive, comprehensive and customized to each audience: 

  • How To Help A Friend or Loved One
  • What is an Eating Disorder?
  • Know Dieting
  • Get Real About Eating Disorders
  • Eating Disorder Prevention